Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Now, contact lens to display emails

London: Imagine reading emails and text messages on your contact lenses which are linked to internet. It may sound a bit utopian, but scientists claim that your imagination could soon turn into a reality. In fact, the futuristic
technology has taken a step nearer, thanks to an international team which claims to have developed a prototype lens that could potentially provide the wearer with hands-free information updates.

The scientists from Washington University in the US and Aalto University in Finland have constructed a computerized contact lens and demonstrated its safety by testing it on live eyes, and there were no signs of adverse side effects. 

At the moment, the contact lens device contains only a single pixel, but the team sees this as a “proof-of-concept” for producing lenses with multiple pixels which, in their hundreds, could be used to display short emails and text messages right before one’s eyes. 

The scientists said the device could overlay computergenerated visual information on to the real world and be of use in gaming devices and navigation systems.
It could also be linked to the user’s body to provide upto-date information on glucose levels, which could prove medically important. 

One major problem to overcome was the fact that the human eye, with its minimum focal distance of several centimetres, cannot resolve objects on a contact lens. 

Any information projected on to the lens would probably appear blurry. 
To combat this, the scientists incorporated a set of Fresnel lenses into the device; these are much thinner and flatter than conventional bulky lenses, and were used to focus the projected image on to the retina.

Scientists at Washington University are a step closer to bringing us all some sweet information displaying contact lenses. The team has been successfully testing prototype lenses on rabbits -- though there are some major caveats here. First, due to limits of circuitry, they can only display a single light-emitting diode at a time. Also, the scientists have yet to figure out a workable energy source -- at present, they need to be within centimeters of a wireless battery. The researchers have big plans, however, including the display of holographic images -- and, no doubt, information about which targets to destroy.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sri Rama Rajyam - Remake of Lava Kusha

The director has done a good job by starting the film with the arrival of Rama and Sita to Ayodhya after vanquishing Ravan in Lanka. Rama is now the king of Ayodhya. Under his rule the people are happy and prosperous. Just when everything seems to be going fine, a comment by a washer man makes Rama to send Sita away into the forest. From here the real story of Sri Rama Rajyam begins. Sita is given shelter by Sage Valmiki. He keeps her identity a secret and looks after her as his own daughter. Sita gives birth to Lava and Kusha. Valmiki imparts knowledge to them and also teaches them how to use weapons (Artha Vidya). They also study Ramayana and Valmiki asks them to preach the story across the length and breadth of Ayodhya. At this juncture, Rama plans to conduct Ashwamedha Yagnam for the welfare of the people. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

Sri Rama Rajyam is a feel good film that showcases our ancient culture, heritage and values. The way Bapu managed to make the film into a visual and musical delight is extraordinary. Sri Rama Rajyam has come at a right time and it is hoped that many such films will follow.

Sri Rama Rajyam has many positive things and it is a film that can give you an enriching experience while entertaining you in good measure. We must thank Bapu, Yelamnchali Sai Baba, Mullapudi, Ilayaraja, Balakrishna, ANR and Nayanatara for giving us a wonderful film.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Neha Surie weds Neel Patel

Neha Surie, a daughter of Bhavna Surie and Raman D. Surie of New Delhi, was married Saturday afternoon to Neel Bhaskerrao Patel, a son of Vaishali B. Patel and Dr. Bhasker P. Patel of Melbourne, Fla. Pandit Bhipin Bhatt, a Hindu priest, officiated at the East Ridge Country Club in Shrevepor.

The bride, 30, and the bridegroom, 28, met at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, from which each received an M.B.A.
The bride is a consultant in Arlington, Va., for the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche; she advises government agencies on security and privacy concerns related to computer systems. She graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana. Her father is a professor and the head of the department of physical planning at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi. Her mother teaches physical education at the British School there.
Until September, the bridegroom was a program analyst in Tucson with Raytheon, the military and aerospace equipment manufacturing company; he worked on the development of international missile programs. He graduated from the University of Florida. His father is an internist with Melbourne Internal Medical Associates in Malabar, Fla.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wikipedia, Wikimedia - The free encyclopedia

Have you ever wondered what is the working staff of the world's #5 website ?

You may not believe, but it is 95 and they just have got around only 700 servers and serves all the brains in the world with knowledge. Why did the founder Jimmy Wales create this wonderful website with free access? He could have earned millions by pricing that knowledge. So, it is our responsibility to encourage this kind of service he offers to the world and appreciate the wikimedia team by donating what you can.

If you really like the service of, please go on and donate your share to the team working hard there!   "Let me Donate!"

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Worlds smallest and lightest digital camera

Chobi cam PRO : is the miniature version of the digital camera, also the worlds smallest full-metal body camera.

As examined in November 2011, the only defect in this miniature camera is the shake when you press the shutter button, this is because of the miniature size of the camera.

Size of the camera is compact enough to fit between the fingers of the V-sign (1.2cm thickness 4.3cmx2.1cmxheight H).

You can capture videos of highest resolution 1280x720, and the quality finish is unique to the analog film cameras. You can shoot decent videos without any special filters with artistic taste.
Also 12 mega-pixel shots can be taken with this miniature DSLR camera.

Lastly, the one big thing about this miature camera is that it only cost you $76 (6000 YEN).
For further details and sample videos shot by the camera go here
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Monday, 7 November 2011

How does Torrents work?

Everyone uses torrents to get their desired files downloaded to their PCs, but only few of them are aware of what is a torrent exactly and the working principles of the torrent. Having a full fledged knowledge about a torrent and its working could make sharing more productive. Sharing is the powerful tool in this modern computer science. The future is going to be only cloud computing.

So for those who need to know the working of the torrents, here is some basic explaination.

BitTorrent, Explained. from BitTorrent, Inc. on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Nippon Electric Glass, "Invisible Glass"

Normal glass reflects around eight percent light. But thanks to Nippon Electric Glass, new invisible glass, an overly reflective surface. 

This new variety only rebounds 0.5 percent of light, dramatically reducing the luminous reflectance to around 0.1 percent or lower.

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Trio of Microsoft Projectors

Three new futuristic projector designs from the microsoft research team. And this time its handheld trio.

The palm-friendly devices, split up into camera, room and SLAM models, incorporate pico projectors, coaxial IR cameras, inertial measurement units (IMUs) and the company'sKinect (for the latter two only) to project augmented visions onto surrounding surfaces. If you've been honing your shadow puppetry game over the years, that oft-used skill's about to get very useful. The environmentally aware (no, not the Go Green! kind) systems allow for shadow- and touch-based interaction with the CG overlays, offering pinch functionality, icon selection and even painting -- don't worry, it's definitely removable. This neat tech hat trick could one day soon spare you a trip to IKEA, letting you test out potential decorative pieces from the comfort of your home.

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How to cook or boil Rice

I recently bought an induction stove along with my roommates in here, but our major problem is that we were never exposed to cooking clearly.
Most wanted item in our wish list was rice, but none of had an idea of how to cook some rice!
So we found answer to our quest here - this is really really really helpful for those who are new to cooking like us students staying away from home.