Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Worlds smallest and lightest digital camera

Chobi cam PRO : is the miniature version of the digital camera, also the worlds smallest full-metal body camera.

As examined in November 2011, the only defect in this miniature camera is the shake when you press the shutter button, this is because of the miniature size of the camera.

Size of the camera is compact enough to fit between the fingers of the V-sign (1.2cm thickness 4.3cmx2.1cmxheight H).

You can capture videos of highest resolution 1280x720, and the quality finish is unique to the analog film cameras. You can shoot decent videos without any special filters with artistic taste.
Also 12 mega-pixel shots can be taken with this miniature DSLR camera.

Lastly, the one big thing about this miature camera is that it only cost you $76 (6000 YEN).
For further details and sample videos shot by the camera go here
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  1. its really nice
    where can we buy it???

  2. You have got all the details needed in the post. otherwise follow the link provided there.

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